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What are your favorite hacker or security sites?

> February 11th, 2010 ---

I’d like to get your input on favorite hacker sites. I’ve started a list of links on the side of this site. Obviously there are tons of sites with security information, including tools, exploits, countermeasures, and news. Maybe we can start a “top list” on the site. What’s your vote? What are your favorite security-related sites?

I was searching around and I already knew about hackinthebox. But I hadn’t seen this one before. It’s pretty cool:

What categories should we have for a links list?
Top Sites
Security News
Cool Sites

Other sites?
Other categories?
Would love to get your input, even if only to know a fav site. is Here!

> January 31st, 2010 ---

We are open. Finally. Let’s hack the WORLD. Let’s share some cool knowledge and techniques here. I don’t know exactly what this site will morph into, but I’d like it to conform to what YOU want to help in your quest to become a better haxor. Look,┬áthe Urban Dictionary defines haxor as:

someone who kicks mass amounts of ass by using his mad computer skills to alter an online game, or by making a program to further manipulate the game, and kick more massive amounts of ass.

I like that! What about you? What would you like to see in a haxor site?

Would you like to get in on the “ground floor” of building a community?

We have the chance now! Let’s keep in touch, and partner together to bring some good content and interaction to this site.

May the haxor force be with you! Keep learning, keep testing, keep kicking ass!